Microsoft Licenses

SPLA allows our customers have the ability to obtain a flexible licensing structure.

Microsoft SPLA Licenses

Why own your software? Why worry with expensive up-front costs on a product that not only will be obsolete within 5 years, but has complex licensing requirements? For a low monthly fee you can receive the same benefits and be sure of having the most current versions of Microsoft Server or SQL Server. Both 2008 and 2012 Software versions are available.

We provide this service as a Microsoft Certified Hosting Partner. There are two methods of licensing to choose from, the Subscriber Access License (SAL) and CPU Access License (CAL).

Subscriber Access License (SAL):

Per User Licenses -This method can be applied to either a user or a device. If you have a license, you may use any server from any device. However, if the device has a license, anyone may access any server by using that device, but only one person may use the device at one time. Servers can be added without paying for additional licenses.

CPU Access License (CAL):

Per Processor Licenses - This method allows unlimited user access to your server. 

CPU Access Licenses (CAL) are a better choice if many users will have access to your server, Subscriber Access Licenses (SAL) are more cost-effective if only a few people make changes to your content.

Pricing per User (SAL) Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
MS Windows Server Standard $ 10 USD $ 30 USD $ 60 USD $ 120 USD
MS Windows Server Enterprise $ 15 USD $ 45 USD $ 90 USD $ 180 USD
MSSQL Server Standard $ 18 USD $ 54 USD $ 108 USD $ 216 USD
MSSQL Server Enterprise $ 35 USD $ 105 USD $ 210 USD $ 420 USD
Pricing per CPU (CAL) Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
MS Windows Server Standard $ 29 USD $ 87 USD $ 174 USD $ 348 USD
MS Windows Server Enterprise $ 99 USD $ 298 USD $ 594 USD $ 1,188 USD
MSSQL Server Standard $ 475 USD $ 1,425 USD $ 2,850 USD $ 5,700 USD
MSSQL Server Enterprise $ 1,825 USD $ 5,475 USD $ 10,950 USD $ 21,900 USD