Climate Control

Temperature, humidity, and air quality monitored for a dust-free environment and consistently fresh.

The data center’s climate control systems are totally redundant. Featuring two main chilled water cooling systems for rack ventilation and five split units for the data center environment. Temperature is controlled along with humidity control and air filtering, maintaining a dust free and consistently cool environment. The facility features raised flooring which enables a constant flow of cool air and helps to maintain uniform room temperature at all times. In addition, raised flooring reduces static and ensures a computer-grade environment for servers.

Environmental Controls

  • Acclimatized data center room with 2 independent air stations.Both stations with backup units.
  • Air provided via false floor and with direct discharge to the outside.
  • Environmental controls monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and cleanliness.
  • Data Alarm Processor (DAP II) provides component run times, alarm history.
  • Realtime Temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

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