Looking for a Reliable High-Performance offshore facility ? Our datacenter is located within Costa Rica's largest ISP.


Telecom Feeds

Fiber optic connections reach Costa Rica on both coasts via three submarine cables that provide the majority of bandwidth to Costa Rica. Access to all three backbones, ACOS-1, MAYA-1 and Pan American Crossing (PAC) , provide real time fail-over and redundancy at the facility.

Control de Clima

Climate Control

The data center’s climate control systems are totally redundant. Featuring two main chilled water cooling systems for rack ventilation and five split units for the data center environment. Temperature is controlled along with humidity control and air filtering


Safety & Security

We take security very seriously , the datacenter facility is protected 24/7/365 by a team of experienced security officers. Magnetic access cards restrict entry into the data-center to just a few staff and all racks are locked with a specific key required to open each one.


Electric Power

Our datacenter is located within Costa Rica’s only subterranean power grid, local power is supplied via redundant connections. If local power is lost, auto switched Caterpillar 3412 power generators and centralized Uninterrupted Power Supply.