Eco Friendly Web Hosting

At CR Servers, we are doing our part by reducing our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Costa Rica produces more than 90% of its energy from renewable sources.
Costa Rica leads the world in achieving carbon neutrality, expected by 2030.

A few of the steps we have taken to keep your hosting as green as possible:

  • Switched to a paperless invoicing system.
  • Use of evaporative cooling mechanisms and fans rather than air-conditioning for the majority of the time spent in the office.
  • Location, location, location. We are located a few blocks from the internet backbone of Costa Rica. Instead of burning fossil fuels, from our Service Providers for fast and footprint-free installations and service.
  • Telecommuting. 60% of our workforce telecommutes at least 80% of the time. Public Transportation. The remaining 40% of our workforce uses public transportation to and from our office.
  • We actively offset our remaining footprint through a company-owned farm with abundant trees. We are in the process of acquiring certification for this project.