Two independent power circuits power the data center even during power failure.

Our datacenter is located within Costa Rica’s only subterranean power grid, local power is supplied via redundant connections. If local power is lost, auto switched Caterpillar 3412 power generators and centralized Uninterrupted Power Supply systems provide (40 KVA) power for uninterrupted operation. 6,000 liters of Diesel fuel are kept on site to operate the generators for dozens of hours. Every major part of the emergency power system has a redundant equivalent and both are regularly serviced and tested to ensure that they will function flawlessly in the event of a power loss.

Power Feeds and Off-line power capabilities:

  • Redundant UPS (40 KVA) connected through a Dual Input configuration for complete fail-over.
  • Dual Diesel Power Generators (530 KVA - Caterpillar 3412) as main power and backup unit.

RACSA has multiple UPS facilities in the building that are exploited for the benefit of co-location service . The data-center has independent feeds for each of its two power circuits. Each of these UPS have a model of fault tolerance of N +1. UPS are fed by the public power system and if necessary by or electrical generators. Transfer of these two services is fully automatic, two electrical generators feed each emergency circuit that power data center equipment.

¿Connected to multiple sub stations? YES
¿Multiple transformers? YES
¿Lightning protection? YES

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