Safety & Security

Our facility has a monitoring room that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We take security very seriously , the datacenter facility is protected 24/7/365 by a team of experienced security officers. Magnetic access cards restrict entry into the data-center to just a few staff and all racks are locked with a specific key required to open each one. Access to servers is permitted only to a select few technicians. Facilities are also under constant video surveillance and a detailed log of employee and visitor activity is kept.

Main Security Features

  • 3 Level Security to Hardware Racks.
  • Armed Security Officers at entrance of building.
  • Metal detectors at building entrance.
  • Magnetic ID card for authorised personnel access.
  • Locked Rack Doors only technicians can access.
  • CCTV installed all through the facilities.

Access Controls

Automated access control system prevents entry by unauthorized personnel and records the inflows and outflows of authorized personnel. As well as monitor the time doors are kept open. Staff are granted different security levels of access to the building and a magnetic key is required for staff to access the facilities. Each rack has a physical key that is delivered to the technician when required. Video surveillance is undertaken from the building entrance through security check-in, elevators , datacenter entrance , and within the datacenter there are 12 cameras monitoring personnel access to sensitive areas.


The facility has a monitoring room that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this personnel is responsible for identifying any abnormal situation that may arise, and to notify the relevant institutions, staff and emergency brigade of that event. Building construction meets all occupational health and safety requirements including compliance with anti-seismic norms specified in Costa Rica Seismic code (CSCR-86). Safety zones and emergency exit routes have been marked. Emergency lighting is also installed throughout the building and tested regularly.

Fire suppression system:

The Data Center is equipped with smoke detectors and has a fire alarm system. No automatic fire suppression is in place, manual fire extinguishers are available in the datacenter and throughout the building.

Distance to nearest fire station:

800m north in RACSA facilities in 8 min (approx.) peak hour.

Fire hydrants:

The building has its own fire hydrant and automatic water pump capable of 160,000 liters (2.5 hours approx.) There is a city hydrant 20 meters from the building on the northeastern corner.

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