Why host my servers in Costa Rica ?

Versatile Legal & Tax structures - Stable Political & Business Environment

CR servers provides excellent Internet infrastructure & skillful bilingual workforce.

The strategic location of Costa Rica, its stable business environment, and its excellent Internet connections make it an ideal location for companies or individuals to locate their critical applications and servers in Costa Rica and take advantage of these benefits.

Costa Rica has an exceptional Internet infrastructure. Several fiber-optic submarine cables connect the country redundantly on both oceans. Submarine cables Arcos, CFX-1, and Maya in the Atlantic Ocean and the new "Global Crossing" submarine cable in the Pacific provide the country with Internet connectivity exceeding all expectations for a small country.

Costa Rica's flexible legal framework makes it very easy for most on-line business ventures to be implemented quickly, legally, and with little or no tax obligations.

Costa Rica has a long tradition of a strong and stable political and business environment. This fact, coupled with a talented bilingual workforce has attracted many international companies in the IT and Internet sectors.